Hair Removal Tonbridge
Hair Removal Tonbridge

IPL Hair Removal Tonbridge & Permanent Hair Removal Treatments in Tonbridge Kent

Permanent hair reduction can be achieved using light to disrupt the hair follicles which prohibits further hair growth. This leaves the skin smooth and hair free. Permanent hair removal using light is a safe and proven way to eliminate unwanted hair virtually anywhere on the body.

The Skin Clinic believe that hair removal treatments using laser and IPL should be performed by medical professionals only. We employ Doctors and Nurses with an interest in dermatology to carry out these highly skilled hair removal Tonbridge treatments. With the recent deregulation of Lasers and IPL machines in 2010 by the Government, it is more important than ever that you find a safe and trustworthy medical skin clinic to carry out your cosmetic treatments.

We have a flawless clinical reputation for IPL and laser hair removal with no adverse incidents ever reported. We believe in delivering excellence in the field of cosmetic dermatology and will ensure that all of your treatments with us are carried out safely and effectively.

Laser Hair Removal Tonbridge KentMost people will need at least 6 treatments to achieve an 85-95% reduction of hair in the treatment area. Occassional maintenance treatments might be needed as we cannot prevent sporadic new hairs from forming.

IPL hair removal is virtually painless. At most it will feel like an elastic band pinging against the skin. We have invested in a new generation IPL machine that gives faster and virtually pain free hair removal.

By the end of your treatment you should be hair free. Some people will need maintenance treatments to remove new sporadic hair growth in the area in the future. Your clinician can advise you further.

The Skin Clinic is the premiere destination for IPL Hair Removal in Tonbridge.

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