Botox Maidstone
Botox Maidstone

Botox treatments in Maidstone available at The Skin Clinic

Botox treatments are the most popular non-surgical treatment we administer at The Skin Clinic. Millions of people worldwide have used botulinum injections to reduce facial wrinkles and it now has FDA approval for use in cosmetic medicine.

Our medical team has extensive experience administering Botox treatments in Maidstone and will tailor treatment to suit your individual needs. The Skin Clinic believes that all cosmetic treatments should look natural and subtle and we are firm upholders of the philosophy ‘less is more’… After your treatment you will look revived and refreshed not frozen!

Botox treatments take approximately 15 minutes. The botulinum is injected into carefully selected facial muscles with very fine needles so that it is virtually painless.

The Skin Clinic then offer everyone a review at 2 weeks to ensure the desired results have been achieved. Any tweaks or top ups can be carried out at the 2 week review to ensure optimal results. This is always free of charge to our clients.

So, if you’re looking at for Botox in Maidstone, call The Skin Clinic today!

The Skin Clinic is the premiere destination for Botox in Maidstone.

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